So I went back to Lancaster. And whilst it was like I was going back to somewhere I knew very well, and it felt in some respects as if I’d never been away (Pagan Soc on Monday, rigging in the Grand on Tuesday, in a play on Wednesday, LURPs on Thursday, Bar Crawl on Friday) it was also like walking back through a familiar field and suddenly being informed that it was sat over a fault line or a mine shaft and in iminent danger of collapse.
And after days of looking at people and thinking that I didn’t even know who I’d been or where I’d been when I lived in the middle of the field and wondering if I had been so completely alone after all it took one person to turn around and say ‘I knew and I was there,’ to make me break out of the reverie Lancaster and its wrapping incestuous vines had put me in and realise that I had noticed some of the air vents from the mine shaft in the very beautiful field after all. And I hadn’t been alone. For this I very solemnly thank the beautiful and lovely Last Not-Stalkee.

So some bridges may be irrevocably broken but others are (thank gods) rebuilding. FFG and I spent a lot of time together in Lancs…I think the opticians have now been firmly convinced of their mistaken suppositions! Still I did get funky new specs.

Feel rotten I didn’t see much of BBM, I didn’t see as much of FoxyJonno as I’d been intending…or very much of anyone to be honest. And whilst it was nice to get a brief taste and breath of Lancs gossip and (sadly) bitching I was so glad that it didn’t have time to suck me under, that I tasted Mina and Undine and Patient Man and I can put faces to names on the Guild message board and I can flee away from it all back to my lovely flat where I can exist in capsulated space and talk to Skimble.

It was very good to mess about with lights and it was very good to listen to work at the Guild.

It’s strange to think that whilst others are fleeing to Newcastle (and really, everyone is going to Newcastle, even Blue Eyes it seems, though he’s been extolling the virtues of Newcastle since he got to Durham) I am considering that I shall be back in my…permanent? settling place of Lancaster in little over a year.

The Jellicle is in love with the place and my Gentleman Friend aint moving anytime soon. It is very pretty, and there are nice walks…it’s a good place to rest I think. I am fairly sure that living in Lancaster is going to spur me into actually achieveing my driving licence though. Living in Lancaster…which has bus connections, train connections and is not far from airports, which is eminently good. Living with the Jellicle, living with my Gentleman Friend…yes that I like.

Many things are good and at least now I have a Beatrix…not that I am comparing myself to Dante.

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  1. Lancaster’s a great place. I can’t see myself leaving for quite a while yet.

    Once I’ve got myself a car, I’m within commuting distance of Preston etc. as well (and the trains are good on weekdays anyway, I think).

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