Level Three?

So tonight for the first time in ages I’ve left my Japanese lesson practically singing. My Japanese Teacher says she thinks I might even be ready to take the Level Three Japanese test in December (I was aiming for Level Four – they go in reverse order).

And the reason things went so well tonight? It was a reading and writing lesson. I love to read, doesn’t matter what language, there is something about the written word that makes me go YES! This I can do. It always has, ever since I learnt to read in English. Now I’ll admit that Japanese is different from English in that its pictures not sounds but I still have the obsession with the parts of the picture that I have for the parts of the word in English, I think that it impressed my teacher that though I didn’t know the word parking lot I recognised the kanji bits for horse, car and place!

Unfortunately the test in December is speaking and listening as well as reading and writing, those I’m not so good at…

2 thoughts on “Level Three?

  1. The test is reading, writing and listening only, no speaking. However, I barely passed Level 3 after 2 years of college Japanese and 3 months in Kyoto (like 64% and you only need a 60 to pass). You need to know 300 kanji and grammar that includes transitive and instransitive verbs….which are a BITCH!
    Or is this another test we are talking about?

  2. Well I know 150 kanji at the moment. And yes it is the same level three test we’re talking about, the grammar I don’t have.

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