Need to sleep

Well today I lost my hanko. I discovered this this morning and foolishly thought ‘well I’ve got ten days to find it’, since the next time I need it will be (I thought) when I get paid…of course the BOE then decided that today was the day they needed my hanko, urgently…Hah!

So after much toing and froing and desperate searching I decided to admit defeat and say it was gone…eventually it was determined that a new one could be made and it was all ok. It’ll cost me but at least its not quite the end of the world (though from the look on kocho-sensei’s face I almost thought it was).

Skimble came over this weekend, it was really good to see her but I was so tired! I’ve actually taken tomorrow off as nenkyu so that I can catch up on my sleep, I wouldn’t have but they cancelled my lessons so I can do it without too much fuss. Considering the amount of fuss they made when I was trying to book time off monthes and monthes in advance I was a little surprised to discover that it was simply a case of ‘ok, see you on Wednesday’ today!

We were both a little down and spacey at the weekend, this despite a good breakfast of doughnuts! So we drew up a list of places to go each month…which was pretty good fun!

May Yamanashi Art Museum
June Quatro Cats Gallery, Kofu
First of the years Fuji climbs
July Second Fuji climb
Nagoya World Expo
August Kyoto with family
Third Fuji climb
September Tono
Fourth Fuji Climb (making five in total)
October Yokohama
November Nagano
December Australia
January Kobe
February Onsen hopping
March Okinawa
April 3 monkey temple, Yamanashi
May Vietnam
Yamanashi Prefectural Art Museum
June Mountain Climbing
July Hiroshima

Well…it’s something to aim for!
Be interesting to see if I get that far.

4 thoughts on “Need to sleep

  1. Um, what is a ‘hanko’. It sounds to me like the sort of thing a young child would cally a handkerchief, and the idea of that being what you mean is making me giggle.

  2. *grins*

    Nope a hanko is a personal seal, the Japanese use them instead of signatures a lot of the time. It’s also called an inkan.

    Ask Sam to have a look at his if you want to know what they look like.

  3. It confused me too. I seem to recall that in China, they’re chops – my father has just had a new one cut, so that he can sign the Shanghai documents properly.

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