Next Lifetime

Can I be musical when I come back? Pretty please…please with sugar on top. I’d just really really like to be able to sing.

It’s funny how music really does affect me, I mean take the previous blog, inspired by a CD Cuddles had me take back to Japan. I have yet to leave England for Japan without having a CD burnt for me, last year Radio Steve was kind enough to make sure I had some good music to listen to and this year Cuddles burned me some serious nostalgia! Funnily enough they both agreed on ‘Come Pick Me Up’ by Ryan Adams.

Spent this evening at a Jazz concert, it was good in places and I really enjoyed the first number…however the bit with the bongos unfortunately reminded me of The Yellow Dart sitting in the kitchen of number 18 doing ’80s’ Jazz…
Also the lighting frankly looked as though someone had puked into the gel box and pulled out anything left bunging it together on the basis that completely different colours look great together…how else you explain the acid yellow with vomit green, sea blue and sexy purple I don’t know.

I did enjoy some of the more rythymic pieces, a lot of it was a bit loud or a bit fast (or both) and I have come to the conclusion that I am not serious enough about The Beatles. Now as the daughter of a Beatlesmaniac I do appreciate the music and obviously living with Giggles gave me all sorts of random knowledge about the Fab Four. However, I enjoy them, their music makes me smile and I like it and all…but this country takes it all way too seriously if you ask me. Also I personally think that with Beatles stuff (especially when it’s mainly McCartney written) its the simplicity that makes it fun to listen to. Listening to Yesterday with random scat added in, a guitar going all over the place beneath the vocals, drum beats that were so syncopated as to be almost random and the scat interspersed with terribly over-emphasised melodramatic lyrics was not my idea of good. Some Beatles stuff jazzed up could have been good…but sugar-sweet lyrics sung sooo meaningfully…ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

In anycase, I want to be musical next time around.

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