7 thoughts on “Oh Deary Me

  1. 87% nerd, myself. Although I usually prefer the term ‘geek’. Would have been higher if there were rp questions as well, methinks.

  2. Yes it was rather geared towards Science and Maths nerds…but then maybe thats why you prefer the term geek. Sub definitions within definitions.

  3. I wasn’t aware that being able to identify historical figures was a nerdish trait. Nor being able to name elements on the periodic table. This quiz seems to be ‘how educated are you.’ not ‘how nerdy.’

    I want my money back.

  4. I think the naming elements on the periodic table answers were more telling, do you know this, guess at it, have a periodic table in the house or keep one by your desk.

    Incidentally the first picture was that Kepler?

  5. I don’t remember who the pics were of now, but I certaibly don’t think remembering the layout of the periodic table is shameful in anyway.

  6. The first picture was Maxwell, if I was right / if I remember what I answered correctly. If this is the guy from the test.

    And I think Kepler was around before cameras were, though I might be worng.

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