Pubic Hair and Wonderwall

This blog probably contains more information than any of you wanted on my genitalia.

So Skimble’s response was ‘I now feel like my room-mate(Art Major) in college really limited herself’, this response was to me streaking past in a dressing gown, covered in paint. Head to toe covered in paint. See I suddenly got this really good idea for the exhibition. Of course last time I did body prints of myself I used water based early learning centre paints…not having any in at the moment I decided to go with what I had…acrylics…

There was plastic based paint in my hair, under my nails, covering every inch of skin. That shower took a while! It is interesting to note that there are different sorts of brushes requiring different sorts of paint. Well today my pubes feel like the bristles of a watercolour brush that someone has used for acrylics! They’re coming off! They feel yicky! Nice to know my bush is for watercolours though!

The exhibition is one I’m fairly proud of I think. Well we’ll see on Saturday when I start to evolve it as I sit there. If anyone is interested in seeing it then I’m over at deviantart, name of luvlymish and I will eventually put up the photos. If FoxyJonno is worrying then he needn’t as I will be delicate over which parts of the exhibition I put up on the net.

Oh and one final thing. I don’t care about Oasis being voted over the Beatles. But who in heavens name thought Wonderwall was better than Bohemian Rhapsody? I mean yes I will happily grant Oasis in some respects equal terms to the Beatles in that they both recorded songs which large amounts of their respective generations cannot help but sing along to, know word for word and plug ionto vast tracts of memory (if you consider on any other level then Oasis scores well below the Beatles). But in terms of a song…Wonderwall? For a start why weren’t people considering Don’t Look Back In Anger, Champagne Supernova (my personal favourite) or you know, a good Oasis song?! Now I might be biased by Mike Flowers cover and the annoyance that a schoolfriends obsession with this version caused me (yes Psi if you still read this I mean YOU!) But really Wonderwall is CRAP.

Bohemian Rhapsody is an opera of a song, a total kick into the middle of your ribs of a song. And this is me not bothering to think of a thousand other artists who’ve written songs better than Wonderwall.

The British Public’s musical taste this week seems decidedly off. Theres that fucking frog at number one and they think Oasis wrote a better song than Queen. I mourn for my country!

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