So today I rode up to school on my bike, bright and breezy and thoroughly looking forward to all the bits and bobs I had to do today. Yesterday really energised me…School was locked. There were no bikes in the sheds and no cars in the carpark. So I nipped over the road to the Board of Education to ask in halting Japanese where all the teachers were.
“Yasumi” I was told. Which means holiday.

Now on Monday when the Jedi told me that lessons had been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday he did in fact say that on Wednesday ‘School is closed’, aha said I so I don’t have to come in to school? No no, he said you must come to school and work at your desk. But no lessons.

If I had known that school was actually closed today I would not have taken holiday yesterday. I could have slept today!

How does someone make that much of a mistake in English when they’re usually so good?

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