Adults and Americans

So I had the inestimable American Falcon round, she’s one of Skimble’s friends on her uni summer holidays and she’s fallen in love with the JET program. She’ll be back when she’s graduated I suspect. We caused our adult class much merriment at our differences and introductions. It was good fun having her stay over actually, it is nice to have people round to my flat and it gave me a kick up the arse to tidy it after the detritus of my last two exhibtions has taken over somewhat.

All I seem to do recently is work…and then get stressed about work because I’m not measuring up to some ideal JET. When it comes down to it I have to remember that I am an assistant teacher and set myself tasks to assign thusly, it is frustrating to have a curriculam changed on you without being told and it is deeply annoying to be emailed after work on Friday to be asked to prepare something for Sunday. However, I have a contract (somewhere) and there are things I can say no to…for some reason I always forget that.

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