I wasn’t even trying

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Created by bart666

Ok come one I don’t get this one. I don’t swear that much and I haven’t had sex in FOREVER! Well over a month anyway, so how come I get an 18?

10 thoughts on “I wasn’t even trying

  1. a month?! pfffft!

    942 days seniorita. 942…..

    143 weeks….

    30 months….

    2.5 years….

    8 terms….

    22608 hours….

    1356480 minutes….

  2. that’s 2712960 turns of the countdown clock. That’s a maximum of 48833280 points if you got a 9-letter word each time (18 points a piece)

  3. Well I got an 18 rating, so I guess I must be an adult…not quite sure about being a *responsible* adult though!

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