Temprature Change

I’ve had a bizarre spate of getting up reasonably early this last week. I’ve quite enjoyed having time to read the newspaper instead of flicking over it rapidly and not really knowing what the heck was happening outside my little world of school and artshows. For anyone wondering my current artshow (Natural Bloom) is going really well and I’m enjoying myself hugely!

The rainy season has come on here with full avengence this last week, I’m hoping it doesn’t rain so badly when I do my first Fuji climb of the year next week. There’s a storm set for Wednesday and I’m crossing my fingers it’ll clear the atmosphere a bit for the Saturday after. I’m looking forward to seeing the Ex-cheerleader and the guys I met in Tokyo, I do hope it goes well.

Last night the temprature dropped a fair wack, so me, sleeping with my French Windows wide open onto the balconey was treated to waking with a snuffly nose which has made me fairly dire today at Joei Shogakko (Primary School). The Primary School classes are no fun last thing anyway because they’re all tired and the last thing they want is to practice English. I totally changed the lesson half way through to show them flags and let them play fruit basket with country capital cities…frankly it’s bizarre what some classes enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Temprature Change

  1. Have you tried the ‘I am the expert on this subject, so if you don’t like it, find someone else to do the job, beotch’ approach.

    Really. They ought to respect your authority on what english words are real.

  2. The thing being I’m not really an expert. I’m qualified in teaching Art not English and whilst I’m doing an online course in teaching English as a Foreign Language they do have several years of teaching it to children.
    The thing is it is more useful for the children to learn American style English and that’s not what I speak, which really undermines my authority at times because they come out with things in English which I don’t get but my American friends confirm is American. Thus I can’t claim expertise on any grounds.

    Also whats really annoying me is the fact that this teacher has somehow turned English teaching into this points scoring forum where we both try and prove our rightness over each other and that is really really not what I want to get into.

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