24 little hours

All day I have been being congratulated on the Olympic Games, because as we all know it was my personal contribution to the country that caused them to choose London over Paris.

I got home and made dinner. And London was bombed.

As I write this there have been 6 explosions in the Tube, 1 on a London bus (near the BMA Headquarters) there seem to be 2 confirmed deaths, presumably there are a lot more and injuries too. Edgeware road seems to have been the worst hit, the people say the London Emergency Plan is working but not all of the tube stations were cleared in time.

Listening to the reports on the BBC everything seems to be very organised. We planned for this godshelpus. I shall wish on the lovers who peer at each other across the Milky Way for an end to terrorist attacks, everywhere.

I wish we knew for sure who did it.

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