A Decision

So, I promised myself I wouldn’t climb Fuji like that again…well so much for Skimble’s protestations that she didn’t want to climb at night, she’s decided to climb on the Saturday night (can’t you just tell it will be packed!) and thus put paid somewhat to my desires to climb the whole mountain…or has she.

I’m still debating. I have done 42 miles in 24 hours before…it damn near killed me, or thats what it felt like. This would be 19 kilmetres in somewhere around 21 hours, but of course there’s the altitude to factor in. As well as the descent, which I am only going to do 6k of on foot, and that gives me all of Sunday to get down again.

It will deffinately be a less relaxed pace than I’d hoped for, and given that it gets steep towards the end I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able to do it…which I suppose makes it more of a challenge to me rather than this weekend I’m going to have a nice relaxing hike up a mountain.

I don’t know, I am seriously concerned about the lack of sleep on the Saturday night, assuming that Skimble is going to do it the traditional way and set off at somewhere round 9pm to climb through the night.

It takes me around 8 hours to comfortably do the last 6k, but thats damn steep, it’s a lot less steep below the last 6k. Can I do 13k uphill in 12 hours? If it was flat no problem…but it’s not so I don’t know.
If I start climbing on the Friday how far can I make it? We shall see doubtless.

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