Beamed Up

I lost my official trekkie licence when I forgot the fraction of a second that Data considered the Borg Queen’s offer for (there was an 8 in there somewhere). I can no longer tell you all of the Captains of the various incarnations of the Enterprise (Christopher Pike, James T Kirk,um… Rachel Garrett, um….. Jean-Luc Picard, William Riker…kinda) and as for the registration number NCC-1701….ooooh I can still do that one! You get my point, I am no longer the trekkie of the first water I once was.

However I did have a particular amount of sadness after hearing that James Doohan had died. His friends and family will miss the man he was and I am amazed that the man (in his eighties) has a five year old daughter (resisting urge to go ‘go Scottie’). I am going to miss the character he played, the only man in a red jumper to survive, for all his ‘She cannae take much more o’ this Captain’. My favourite TOS episode for sheer Scottiness is Wolf in the Fold (the one with the Jack the Ripper references).
And of course I fell in love with his admitting to Geordie La Forge in TNG that he gave Kirk times with slack cut in them to improve his miracle worker reputation. There are a couple of books that I won’t mention here that provided Scottie with some interesting life, but it was the actor that gave the fans that little moment of happiness in Star Trek (oh shit…you see this is why my license has been revoked by My Hero)….I want to say 6 but it may have been 5 with the semi-flirting between Scottie and Uhura which made you think that maybe, long ago boldly going some of her crewmates noticed and acted upon those belts she called skirts. And I mean communications and engineering – match made in heaven! Or the stars at anyrate.

RIP James Doohan I will always remember the life you gave to a certain Montgomery Scott as will millions of others, and how many people get to have that?

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  1. FYI: Robert April, Christopher Pike, James Kirk, John Harriman, Rachael Garret, Jean-Luc Picard

    and it was Star Trek 5 where Scotty and Uhura flirted over a bag of kettle chips.

    Rest in Peace Mister Doohan, a hero of the Normandy Landings he took four bullets to the leg, one to the chest (which was miraculously stopped by his cigarette case – I shit you not) and one to the hand, causing the middle finger to be amputated. As Scotty he delighted millions with his bad bad scottish accent (he was canadian after all) and despite his advancing alksimers (sp?) disease he carried on making public appearences, including his stunning cameo in Knightrider 2000.

    Earth’s loss is heaven’s gain. Say hullo to Doctor McCoy for me.

  2. Yes people have told me Daemonic but I also heard it wasn’t great…though I personally haven’t seen it.

  3. I’ve seen it, but then again, I haven’t read the book so can’t be much help! That aside, I thought it was an ok movie with decent production values. It was certainly above average for a science fiction movie, which it was marketed as.

  4. Completely off subject and random. Did you know there was a film version of "The Handmaid’s Tale" knocking around? only just found out – may buy it for kimble

  5. James Doohan’s ashes are being blasted off into space like Gene Roddenbury’s were, apparently.

    And the film version of the Handmaid’s Tale was pretty damn good, I thought. The production values were just at that point where it was grittily realistic – it wasn’t too cheap, but it wasn’t Hollywood glossy either.

    And Mish, you might be interested in this:

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