If we were in England…

I would have just been witness to a sackable offence.

My stalker from the third year is not a very nice boy. He was getting a thorough telling off in the staffroom by the art teacher, she was really shouting at him. I was doing paperwork when I heard the boy say something back and she handed him over to presumably his form teacher. Now that man was really angry when he was shouting at him and my inner teacher was saying ‘no mate put the boy in detention and go off and calm down, don’t let him get under your skin like that’.

I wasn’t really watching when the kid started backing up the staffroom and the teacher walking up to him and I thought I saw the kid kick the teacher…there was a scuffle behind my desk and so I turned round to see the teacher had the boy by the hair. This really didn’t seem right to me but it was only for the moment and I assumed the boy had started something and the teacher reacted on instinct to stop him.

Turning around for a moment I think I saw the teacher hit the boy. The whole staffroom was in but not watching and my Mountain Climber told the teacher to take it into the Headmasters Office.
I need to check that I saw what I saw but I am not happy. I’ve never seen anything like this and the staffroom pretending that nothing was happening.

4 thoughts on “If we were in England…

  1. What are the law/professional guidelines regarding physical assaults on teachers and what they can do in self defence?

    Could it be that the kid did more than just kick the teacher once? You imply you didn’t see the whole incident.

    The legalities in this country of self defence basically involve the victim of the initial assault being in fear of being assaulted again, thus legitimising a reasonable level of retaliatory violence to prevent that occurring.

    The staffroom’s response though, whether this was a teacher or a pupil being assaulted… that’s just worrying.


  2. Hmm, it looks like some pathetic, spiteful, loser has been going through your blog and indiscriminately adding negative karma to all your posts.

    How sad is that?

  3. Yeah the negative karma thing happens from time to time. I don’t pay much attention anymore to be honest.

    The kid was backing away from the teacher when the kicking occurred, if anything I found the teachers body language and his yelling more intimidating.

    I honestly don’t know what happened directly behind me other than there was a scuffle which ended in the teacher pulling the kids hair.

    At the time of the punch, the kid was looking quietly and with tearful eyes at the teacher. He didn’t look down, which in this country might be construed as a threat, but that teacher was in no way in fear of retaliation from the kid, the kid looked cowed apart from continueing to look at the teacher. The teacher was angry, I mean really angry and I honestly don’t think he was thinking straight.

    And no one did anything…And I really didn’t like that.

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