Seriously Freaked Out

So this meeting that I’ve been kind of dreading wasn’t so bad. Its turned out to be a nice meal in a lovely reastaurant with the BOE officials plus the admin staff and the SMT from all four schoools. Of course the admin ladies from the primary schools are the people who have been the nicest to me since I got here so all in all it wasn’t too bad a night.

Also I got cheered when they found out I liked karaoke and I sang three Beatles songs with various people who were showing off their English skills and then went up and did ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ on my own. I still have tommorrow night to get through, which is unfortunately only the chugakko staff but it’ll be ok I know it.

The only disturbing thing from tonight was however, truly truly disturbing. I felt Kasai-sensei’s tummy (she’s pregnant), it’s the first time I have ever felt a pregnant woman’s bump. I want a baby…well no I don’t want a baby actually but I do want to be preganant. Like suddenly I really really want to be pregnant. Which disturbs me greatly, I don’t actually want the kid end result but the physical state of pregnancy I do…I’m putting it down to my cycle which is all out of whack since I came off the pill recently (for the first time in forever).

I’m really hoping that this strange and freakish desire goes away quite soon. (As I suspect are two of my readers) It’s really fucking unnerving me.

5 thoughts on “Seriously Freaked Out

  1. 🙂

    I’ve got to say, it seems to be a natural thing at about this age. At least two other girls I know have had broody feelings like that, in opposition to what they actually want.

    It’ll pass.

    Until then, try carrying a bowling ball in a sling under your T-shirt. (Hey, it’s not the first time you’ve faked pregnancy, is it? Didn’t your back ache like hell after the last time? Imagine that after nine months…)

  2. Are you including me in that, Archie? I know I’ve been extreeeeemely broody lately (and it’s scaring the boyf!) so you have my sympathies (Mish that is, not Archie, as I’ve not seen him being particularly broody) but I’m actually starting to think that I might want sproglets after all. Not now, but someday maybe. But I dunno. Plenty of time left to think about that sort of thing, I say.

    The other cure for broodiness is to teach… 😉

  3. You two are both freakish and bizarre. And yes I’d say eyeing up single mothers is the male equivalent of broodiness.

    The thing that really freaked me out was that nothing changed as regards sproglets, I still don’t want children. (Yep I teach and I’ve always worked with kids since I was one…it cured me pre needing to be cured I think!)
    I didn’t want a child I wanted to be pregnant…

    Which is freaky, and yes my back did ache like hell last time. Speaking of which Archie, you were present to have your hand mauled at my last birth…fancy coming to the real thing? 😉

  4. This is a question which can be easily settled.

    Are you eyeing up folks who aren’t single mothers?

    If ‘yes’, then you’re just doing the usual guy thing.

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