Post a comment to this and I’ll respond with something random about you.

1) I’ll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
2) I’ll pick a food to wrestle with you in. Or beat you with. Depending. And because, eh, why not?
3) I’ll tell you my first memory of you.
4) I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.
5) I’ll ask you something that I’ve always wondered about you.
6) If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. Unless you really don’t want to.

27 thoughts on “Meme…

  1. 1) All the things she said – TaTu
    2) I don’t know why but wrestling you in raw liver has me amused at the moment…maybe I need to go to the yakiniku place stat!
    3) ‘We have to climb a mountain? Oh crap!…lets buy shoooooes!’
    4) Cheetah
    5) Do you really think you’ll settle in America?

  2. Hellllloooooo!

    I forgot to thank you in the e-mail I sent to the Yellow Sign group so THANKYOU for creating such a great event 😀

    And yeah, PICK ME PICK ME!

  3. Goat:
    1. Something Dark Placey….not sure…
    2. Spanking you with sugar cane
    3. It was at a Yellow Sign thing and you had purple hair
    4. Penguin
    5. What do you really want to do with yourself?

    1. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts – Joan Baez
    2. Wrestling you in gooey chocolate fudge cake
    3. It was in Lonsdale bar and I flirted with you like nobodies business…
    4. Cat
    5. Where would you like me to travel to next?

  4. I want to create things, music, carvings, jewelry, anything as long as it brings an emotion to someone experiencing the creation.

  5. Ooh, me next.

    I can’t promise I’ll put this blasted meme up on my blog, mostly because I don’t think I could answer the questions for most people – my brains just draws a blank.
    I am, however, going to assemble one of those QuizYourFriends jobbies as a way of reciprocation.


  6. *grins* No wonder we’re friends Skimble!

    Wow Goat…totally coool!

    Ok. The rest of you.

    (any form of reciprocation is always appreciated ;))

    1. Its a movie not a song which is weird because usually people have a specific song for me…you are unique: From Hell
    2. Wrestling you on a lavendar lawn would smell heavenly (and lavendar counts as food because you can cook lamb with it)…or indeed beating you with sticks of rosemary appeals…
    3. I’m sure we must have met before this but my first real memory of you is in Lonsdale Bar with you playing with my feet (and everyone else playing with whatever they could reach)
    4. Oh come on! A FOX!
    5. Hmmm an appropriate question to ask on a blog which everyone reads….hmmmm…oh ok are you even vaguely aware of how gorgeous you actually are?
    No wait you probably can’t answer that…oh ok What’s the plan after you become Dr. FoxyJonno?

    Daemonic Ian:
    Is that even a vaguely appropriate comment for an affianced man?! 😉

    1. Anything from Tosca
    2. Spanking you with licorice
    3. Hmmm at some point at Ulster Road…I have a distinct memory of a very good shoulder rub.
    4. Albino Rat
    5. What is your favourite opera?

    Captain Carrot:

    1. The Deus-Ex music
    2. Dammit Cuddles already picked the obvious one…ok I wanna fight you with celery.
    3. One of the Ullswater Road LAN parties when the Naiad and I were doing something in the kitchen and you guys were LANing in the living room.
    4. Either a giraffe or a white-tailed deer because you have stiff legs.
    5. Do you want kids? If so how many?


    1. The Darth Vader theme music… no I have no idea why.
    2. Battering you with a raw steak and a french stick has definate appeal but the steak would have to be out of date or it’d be a waste of a good steak.
    3. There was a poster advertising Writer’s Guild in the bottom landing of the part of Grizedale where I lived. I emailed and you replied…as for a face to face meeting I honestly can’t remember…possibly Theatre Group related…
    4. *grins* Well you’ll find out won’t you if you’re reading the other thing, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!
    5. How the hell do you define our relationship? Or indeed why on earth are you still speaking to me???!

  7. Um, not right now. They would eat into my social life and my free cash too much. If they turned up I would not be particularly upset, but I don’t see myself setting out to obtain them at any point in the near to moderate future. My parents already have 3 grandkids from my bro and sis, so I feel I don’t need to provide more for them.

  8. Unfortunately, hon, I’ve lost the address to the ‘other thing’. I was reinstalling Windows and managed to put in an old version of my Favourites list, rather than the most recent one (I need to start dating them…).

    As for your question in number 5: "5. How the hell do you define our relationship? Or indeed why on earth are you still speaking to me???!"

    We’re friends, simple as that. The second bit… I’m a very forgiving person, in most cases, and any of my housemates will tell you that I have a tendency to act as devil’s advocate whenever someone’s behaving like a tard, trying to work out a rational reason for their behaviour. (That gets kind of tricky with some of our friends.)

    Basically, even though I don’t believe that crappy circumstances are an adequate excuse for crappy behaviour (the explanation =/= excuse statement I hit you with when you apologised on this site for being arsy during your PGCE year), I’ve always taken it into account.

    You’re a fun person to be with, most of the time, and when you’re not it’s because there’s something in your life you need some support with (even if you don’t want actual help, and there’s none I could provide) – abandoning you at the lowest times of our relationship wouldn’t have helped the situation in any way (although on one occasion I came close).

    We’ve both been arses at one another in the past, but somehow we get past that.

    Maybe at least part of it is because of how important you were in shaping who I am now. Seriously. I’d be a completely different person if I hadn’t met you, and since I quite like who I am at the moment, meeting you has to have been a good thing, right?

    Does any of that make any sense?

  9. Well, as I saw it, the plan went something like this:

    After the PhD, continue in the crazy world of physics research for whoever will give me money for it – preferably for someone who feeds the burgeoning nanotech industry. After putting away a reasonable amount of cash, get a decent-sized house somewhere pretty with enough room out back for a vegetable garden and goats, maybe near a canal. Possibly go back to Oxford to become a tutor or research fellow of some description (allowing me license to become doddery and eccentric). When I get tired of publishing papers, open a Proper Pub in the Oxfordshire countryside, were our goats can pester the customers for crisps on warm summer evenings.

    Or something like that. Times, places and order may be subject to change with minimal notice. 🙂

  10. I like the goats idea FoxyJonno…as for the pub a Mish will definately have to visit.

    Archie: To use my sister’s words, you’re a total babe and I thankyou for it. Good for your google-fu!

    Manly Viking:

    1. Last Stop This Town – The Eels
    2. Red Jelly to blatter you with
    3. Well ok I have two. One is of the UNIQ picnic in my first year when I thought Sweetie was your boyfriend and the other is of going to see a movie with you in my second year (what the hell was the movie, it was something scary right?) and then waiting to pounce on some unsuspecting person afterwards.
    4. Walrus
    5. What prompted you to say the infamous ‘interesting times’ toast? I mean really…was it honestly sheer boredom?


    1. 99 Red Balloons – Nena
    2. I think you look as though you need a decent spanking with wet lettuce.
    3. Hmm well I guess we met at LURPS at some point…My first real memory of you is playing the nutty scientist in Tom’s game. Then there is all the time we spent chilling in Daemonebooks, seems like you came in most Saturdays. It was pretty cool to paint and just randomly talk to you, kinda miss that.
    4. Red Fronted Lemur
    5. What is it about being known as Beaker that you like?

    Also where is your new journal because I only have links to your old blurty?

  11. 3.Well, I can be found on a fair few IM programs, if you ever wanna chat over those if/when you have the time.
    5. Hmmm….I guess I just like the fact that Beaker the muppet embodies a large part of me that being called Beaker is kind of an honour. Or somthing.

    Well, my LiveJournal uses the same name as my Blurty, ricas_kibu.

  12. firstly… I went to a UNIQ picnic?!? My memory must be appauling.

    secondly… who’s sweetie and would I fancy him? 😉

    thirdly… A WALRUS?! I shall smite thee with my tusks and wobble upon thee! … I mean, you could’ve said a well endowed bear or something 😉

  13. The ‘interesting times’ toast was suggested to me by the unseen whilst I stood at the edge of the well of wyrd trying to think of a toast. I only ever toast it once a year, any more would be dangerous.

  14. To Manly Viking:

    Yep you did. It was the first time I met Sweetie too…and as for fancying him…how close is your taste to Rat’s?
    You’re not a bear…and Walrus are scary…and many of them are gay apparently.

    As for listening to the unseen…

    To Beaker:

    Thanks! I shall have to find you on MSN…you know what to add me as, I’m not original!

    To My Gentleman Friend:

    1. Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows
    2. Hmmm. Whipped Cream, has to be.
    3. Ahh well I met you in Daemonbooks with the Big Beardy Soap Opera but I guess my first memory is of talking to you forever at the first Pagan Soc meeting… and wondering if I’d bored your socks off.
    4. Bear. Obviously. A brown one…possibly going by the name of Green, only confusing the first time after all ;).
    5. Hmmm so many things. Do you think you can cope with my musical lack of taste?

  15. but I want to be cuddly and nice and lovely not scary :'(

    nah, matters not, I am the walrus Koo koo-ka-choo!

  16. Nah, not bored…fascinated!

    And, well, musical aficionados usually get right up my nose, so having an eclectic selection of recordings picked for pleasure and passion, rather than hip and hype, seems a refreshing change.

    But…Aqua? … ;o)

  17. Right that’s it oh Gentleman Friend of mine you are getting played as much Aqua as I own when you come over…if nothing else it will brainwash you!

    We are the eggmen…no oh wait…so yeah my Manly Viking you’re still my number three cuddle. Number One has to be tied between Jellicle and Gentleman Jez ;).

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