The Land which I live in

Mum said that Japan was not a place she could live in for very long. I said it was a pretty nice place to live and that I quite like it, I should imagine I shall probably be ready for a change in eleven months time..after a while you start bowing on the phone which is a little disconcerting!

However after having a natter with The Bassist this morning I have to wonder whether perhaps Japanese people are just too crazy…a computer game that kanjos…ARGH!

9 thoughts on “The Land which I live in

  1. We await the periferals for the next generation Nintendo system with fear and trepidation.


    It would be funny if I didn’t think that, in some Nintendo games ideas board room in Japan, it had already been suggested…

  2. coming next is a realistic foam ass that plugs into your game cube. Its called Donky Konga 2: The sodemy shuffle.

    The object is to insert your *ahem* wang *ahem* into the peripheral. The ass then starts to gyrate in time with the character on the screen. When he jumps up, you have to push hard. When he squats down, you have to ease up a bit on the pushing. When he lurches right, you have to slide left and so on. The object being to keep the perfect pressure during his dance. Tiny sensors in the ass know if you shoot your load early. You have to keep going until the end. Can you last as long as Donky Konga?

    There’s a ladybits plug-in that comes with it for the latest Goldeneye007 rip-off. Now you too can fullfill all of your James Bond fantasies.

    And finally a new attatchment for the Nintendo Duel Screen: A realistic pair of silicon boobs, which you have to squeeze in time to the music. Make princess peach cum without waking her up!!

    and coming soon: Pokemon snatch and grab!

  3. Someon please shag Jay soon and return him to planet sanity…or at least somewhere where he doesn’t think up the anal sex version of Donkey Kong…

  4. I’m slightly offended that you equate my satirical look at the nature of japanese arcade games with my own personal need for sex. Steve was talking about donkey konga earlier, you posted a link about some whacked-out fisting game and I was playing a game online not unlike Danca Dance Revolution… from there there thoughts were merged. Desperation had nothing to do with it.

    On that note, if anyone wants to "return me to planet sanity" as Mish put it; you have 22 hours before I’m skipping town…

  5. Ok I’m sorry Jay but it did all seem rather sex related…and ladybits? There is only one other guy on the planet I know who uses that term, nods towards the Manly Viking, lets see sodomy, ladybits and making Princess Peach cum…can you see why I might have thought you were feeling a little frustrated?

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