So, my weekend

I went to see my sister who I love hugely! She’s working in this really excellent bridal shop… it’s a designer bridal shop! She took me and Cuddles and the Jellicle Cat on a little tour, it was cute and fine and amazing. I was impressed. Also I got to see Cuddles for the first time in over a year! She looked so good, I’ve never dared go for contacts but she’s making them work (I suspect that when I was really thinking about them I saw Man of Taste put them in one too many times). There was much catching up and the wonderful comprehension that the Torch (who wasn’t there!!!!!!grrrr!!!!!) has a CATHOLIC boyfriend, this is fantastic. She will know why if she still reads this.

Will update tomorrow, am too tired now

3 thoughts on “So, my weekend

  1. Errrr…. It was great to see you too… and Jen’s shop is indeed deeply cool… Did I really tell you that Torch’s boyfriend was Catholic? I seem to have blanked that!

  2. I remember now… I hate it when something plainly happened but you can’t trace how… Except now I can…

    I’m not going senile, go me!

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