A Theory

This theory is one I am tentative about presenting to the general public. My pills mimic the hormones released if I was pregnant, as do many pills. Most women on becoming pregnant do not feel like having sex. Some have the opposite response. I get turned on when I take my pills. Therefore, were I to become pregnant would my libido become more libidinous?

I should point out this is not a theory I intend to experiment with.

3 thoughts on “A Theory

  1. ((Goddamn! Why do my messages keep on disappearing??))

    I really have missed your blog. Nowhere else do I get such amazing journal entries.

    And does this mean there won’t be any snake babies?

  2. I had wondered why you had vanished from the commenting! I suppose, given that you’ll obviously want Grandkids I could make an exception for you.

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