An Admission

I am vanilla.
Kind of.

So anyway, we just finished watching The Butterfly Effect (actually a film I saw a woman watching next to me on a train and it looked cool), it was kind of like a less subtle version of Donnie Darko with a much less cool soundtrack but I really like it.

Back to my admission. The thing is I put those boots on to take some photos. But I really don’t want to take them off. I really don’t want to take them off. Actually I want to have sex in them. Thats going to have to wait three days unfortunately. So, I kind of suspect I can’t be counted as vanilla anymore. Its just that I really, really like these boots. They’re red.

I’ve been having a whole series of erotic dreams lately (I went back on the pill – my libido sky-rocketed), I suspect it may be wrong of me to be wishing that these boots feature in one if I have one again tonight. Look, I am vanilla, I like straight sex, with the kissing and the touching and the… ok ok I really like these boots.

Uh…yeah…so, um maybe a little Cherry flavoured as opposed to vanilla right?

Oooh the Jellicle is back, next movie!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, luvlymish sent to me…

Twelve seneritys drumming
Eleven rhionnachs piping
Ten calephetos a-leaping
Nine vitktigeirs reading
Eight silent_wrong_mes a-snowboarding
Seven captain_ajs a-writing
Six evilbilbos a-role-playing
Five mr_si-i-i-ixs
Four spike369s
Three pen_pen42s
Two balladsinginsues
…and a taekwondo in a pear tree.
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6 thoughts on “An Admission

  1. What the Cornish Bloke said.

    Plus… your libido went *up* when you went on the pill? Everyone else I know said theirs disappeared.

  2. The Pill thing confuses me as well.
    Mish, clearly, is a strange and high-powered mutant, a prototype never designed for mass production.

    Enjoy your dreams, and congratulations to you and the Foo (as I thought I might as well comment here).

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