Cool and the lack thereof

If you take the generic meaning of the word cool it will probably be agreed that I am not it (Thankyou for your support Princess Lex!) I remember reading an article by Dolly Parton once (uh…yeah I think my point is well proven!) about how you could choose to be cool or be camp. She chose camp with abandon and I think I deeply respect her for it. Maybe I chose to somehow back out of camp when I decided that my boobs were quite big enough without implants, did that choice mean I was backing out of who I am? I suppose that sounds a little odd, my happiness with my body meant denial in some sense of my soul.

My soul is inherantly camp, it has definate cheese running through it, I love pop music, I love Eurovision, I can quote Buffy unto death and I even liked the movie. I have occaisionally remarked I’d make a great gay man (Princess Lex agreed earlier tonight). As a bisexual woman I am definately lacking that ice-princess detachment that leads into cool. I must embrace my camp!

[I won the prize for best air-guitar at Guides tonight]

3 thoughts on “Cool and the lack thereof

  1. People who have never had big boobs don’t understand what a pain they can be. Sure, they’re fun during sex and I’m sure they’re useful during breast feeding (if you have twins or triplets maybe), but other than that THEY’RE A PAIN IN THE ASS.

    And I’m not even that big. Want to switch boobs? I’d love to be able to go without a bra.

    Dolly Parton cracks me up. She told people at a concert that it takes a lot of money for her to look that cheap. I love any woman who can laugh at herself.

    In other news, I’ve decided kissing people here is a bad idea. Then they want more…and people just get demanding and silly over a damn kiss.

    Krystal’s award for me this year was SPECTACULAR! "Most likely to chose to sit on a horse than on your face." She thought of it months ago and luckily never forgot it. I LOVE it! It’s so going to be framed and put on a wall next to my diploma someday.

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