I’m currently running an irregular Wheel of Time game and to be honest it reminds me how much I actually love to GM (apparently thats not the fashionable term at the moment for it – could I give a rats arse?). I’m only running WoT because then my ex-Warder gets to play in one, the system annoys me and I sometimes get to thinking ‘if I’m running this shouldn’t I know more about the system than all of my players instead of…uh one of them’ (and thats only because I’m guessing Nordic Lady knows less about how d20 works than me – other players are Darius, my ex-Warder and my Gentleman Friend).

I really enjoyed running a Call of Cthulhu game over in Japan for the Trekkie, Gamer Girl and Nesuphyn C(before Nesuphyn C turned out to be someone I’d rather not associate with) but due to crap happening I never got to finish the plot. I’m seriously thinking of running it next term since no one in this country has played in it (though I have ranted about it to various people) and I’d like to see how I’ve improved as a GM since I ran my last game over here, I tend to feel like WoT almost doesn’t count since I’m telling the story and my ex-Warder et al occaisionally say ‘we should roll this here right?’…uh yeah sure, if you feel like it. At least I know how CoC works.

Maybe I’m just enjoying GMing over here more than last time since I think that was the Lace & Steel game with a million players. Though that was fun and all since it was only the second game I’d ever run I think the million (ok uh…actually maybe there were only 5 or 6 people…it seemed like loads) were a bit much. Actually I enjoyed making all the stuff up for Lace & Steel… proper swashbuckling fantasy is fun… I actually have a couple of plot ideas for that one, mmm maybe if there are some oneshots coming up at LURPS I might try something a little less complex with all the maps and cards and things.

I think its mainly the idea that I can tell other people the story and get them immersed somewhere I know whats round all the next bends that I really like. I don’t know, take them on a journey round the inside of my brain I suppose is what I mean.

I am amused to note that Rabbit Girl, on announcing she has stolen my house for New Years has not announced her rental fee… all fully paid up as of my Yule Party.

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  1. The Wheel of Tim game is coming along nicely, and I’m enjoying it, even if I don’t think we have a hope of finding Hitler’s Secret Flying Saucer!

    Having spent a lot of time over my 25 years of roleplaying explaining the damn thing to beginners and civilians, I find that I need to use words like referee (when in a pragmatic mood) or storyteller (when in a pretentious mood) in order to help them understand what the hell is going on. Otherwise I would be happy to be The Keeper (of Arcane Lore), the ‘official’ CoC title for the role… ;o)

    Incidentally, I *love* Lace & Steel, even though I haven’t run it for years. It is actually one of the very few games I prefer to play than run. (This may be a hint!)

    P.S. That Rabbit Girl, she knows how to close a business deal. Oh yes!

  2. Ok, I will run a Lace & Steel game, possibly in the summer or possibly as a oneshot in some weekend in the future.
    But I’m only having four or five players this time!

  3. Woohoo!

    I shall stand by to buckle my swash.

    Now I want to rummage through the game books and muse on whether I want to be crazy and play a dominant harpy astrologer or a dubious satyr herbalist or a doughty half-horse musketeer!

  4. I always wondered what happened to Nesuphyn C… One minute they were a regular mention on your blog, and the next they just disappeared… I take it something happened behind the scenes then.

  5. Erfie:

    If you really want to know then you should have read Skimble’s blog from around that time. Or ask Archangel. It’s really not something I want to discuss/ think about anymore than I have to.

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