Its been a while since we’ve heard; ‘Six fer a pound yer gas lighters!’ in that loud catch all the surrounding areas tone. Sadly we won’t be hearing it again.

I have no idea what the mans name was only that going into Lancaster shopping would necessitate hearing ‘Six fer a pound yer gas lighters’ and watching him energetically sell toys and lighters and all manner of things.

He hasn’t been shouting since I got back from Japan, apparently he was quiet for sometime before. Now I wish to announce that a man I never knew has died and I shall miss him. Apparently it was liver failure according to the Sea Otter. Lancaster is sometimes a very small town and one less voice makes a difference to me.

7 thoughts on “Obituary

  1. He was, weirdly, part of the Lancaster I carry in my head. Right up there with a certain bookshop, Bill’s burgers, the Bobbin and various other places.

    Seeing him in his prime always made me feel more sure of my theory that this place is *alive*.

  2. He apparently had a stroke at the start of the year, and was gone for quite a while, but came back, despite warnings about his health.

    I took a call at the police station about him once – some random passer-by who’d noticed he was sounding slurred and was concerned. The caller said pretty much the same sorts of things about him that we’ve been saying.

  3. as with cornish bloke, when i think of Lancaster he’s one of the first things i think about. sad to hear he’s no longer with us.

  4. Yes from what I heard via the Sea Otter it sounded like he knew it was bad for his health but he didn’t want to be away. Whether that was from his pitch or from Lancaster I don’t know.

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