This Weekend

So, this weekend has been somewhat hectic, I was supposed to be propmaking with Manly Viking and the Princess of Runcorn on Friday leaving my Saturday free for talking to Man of Taste and going out to my Gentleman Friend’s birthday. Since Manly Viking was ill on Friday the Princess of Runcorn’s Mum was ill this didn’t quite go to plan. So Saturday was spent propping in the kitchen and then later on with my Manly Viking…hehehe.

My Gentleman Friend’s meal was nice and I really enjoyed myself, after one too many of my sister’s lectures about how my chestal (chestal? is that even a word!!!) wall was in imminent danger of collapsing I have decided to start wearing bras. Well that and the fact that my boobs have been growing and now ache a bit when I don’t wear one. I did look a little interesting when squeezed into a Chinese dress for dinner on Saturday but the lady who runs the Fortune Star thought it looked great (I really wished it was Chinese I spoke at that point rather than Japanese). My Gentleman Friend thought I looked good too.

Today I listened to the Archers and woke up somehow, not sure how but I feel like I’ve been asleep for a few months and now I’m really going to go for things. Yeah I’m nervous as hell about the new job, particularly as the school still haven’t contacted me, on the other hand it’s two terms. They can hopefully be made to count towards my QTS and with any luck teaching won’t turn me into the Good Girlfriend. (ie. Superbitch)

The Jellicle Cat keeps saying my boobs look huge in a bra. This is good :). Bras are still uncomfy things though.

6 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. Yo. Random question – do you know if all the Yellow Sign characters have been sent out? And by all, of course, I mean mine specifically. I suspect my hotmail account may be playing silly buggers and pretending that the e-mail doesn’t exist, not even dropping it in the spam filter.

  2. Bras can be very uncomfortable until you get used to them — took me ages. You might find you’re better with those ‘secret support’ tops, that have the necessary lift-ness built in, without all those fiddly straps and clasps and whatnot. However, if your bra is really uncomfortable, it might just mean that you have the wrong size — have you tried getting fitted for one? Marks will do it I think.

    Sorry to break tradition with the name, but the idea of Harry Potter in a bra is just wrong… 😉

  3. Weasel: Apologies, I only sent out 80% of characters on Friday night. The remaining 20% should go out in the next 24 hours. Please see the Yellow Sign elist for more explanations…and watch your inbox!

    Mish: Quick, to the Lingeriemobile!

  4. Thinking back, I can see a size increase in terms of shape through your top, but I actually kinda assumed you’d just gone up a size again (but refrained, this time, from the pregnancy gag.)

  5. My sister measured me, she’s a graduated lingerie person. It’s not so much uncomfortable in terms of discomfort as weirdness feeling something around my chest.

    Though I am disturbed that the Jellicle finds it kinky that I’m wearing a bra.

  6. I suppose there are members of tribes in the Amazon rainforest that would find the wearing of perfectly ordinary lingerie hard to understand, and, indeed, I imagine some folk may find your new undergarments unusual, but…kinky?

    Perhaps this is a product of societal fragmentation. I knew a fetish fashion model and photographer many years ago, and she spent so much time in her subculture that she was confused when people looked at her on the tube after she chose to wear a rather diminutive and revealing little leather number… ;o)

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