Am A Total Wuss

I don’t wanna go to school today! I don’t wanna!

My trousers are this really weird fit of baggy around the waist and trying to kill me at the crotch. I know it’s going to be fine but my voice volume is somewhere around my ankles and I’m slurping cough mixture like it was water. How am I ever going to control these kids? I’m not like the Good Girlfriend, I take no pleasure in disciplining kids, in fact its one of the things I find pointless and depressing. I’m a bloody supply teacher not a real one, I’m coveringfor some woman on maternity they aren’t going to care if I ask them to do anything.

On the other hand I’m a cover teacher. I’m wearing that compass that Princess Lex and Foxy Jonno got me. It’s really not my problem. Except I really enjoy, you know, teaching…theres no guarantee I won’t get to do that of course. Panic attack over. Hubert Humphrey, here I come!

4 thoughts on “Am A Total Wuss

  1. May the Force be with you! (Even Yoda had to start somewhere!)

    See you at home tonight with an industrial tanker of honey & lemon.. ;o)

  2. This seems time to echo Princess Lex’ sentiments, really. Worst comes to worst, it’s not like you don’t have plenty of folks who’ll lend an ear to a vent.

  3. Everything will be wonderful, and if not, it will be when the bad throat subsides and the kids get used to seeing an unfamiliar face. It’ll be strange for all involved, but it’s what you’ve worked hard for and it’s what you deserve to excel in
    Thinking of you!

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