Could The Day Get Any Worse

I’ve been sacked. Apparently I struggled yesterday. Presumably my not going in this morning meant they felt I was unreliable or something. I maybe they just realised I was a shit teacher.

10 thoughts on “Could The Day Get Any Worse

  1. Fuck ’em, if they’re not prepared to give you more than a day to prove your abilties then they don’t deserve you.

  2. Right… you were ill, it was your first day at your first proper teaching job and they are crap… Hardly the best environment for you to judge your teaching ability in.

    You taught for two years in Japan. You can do the job. After this you just shouldn’t do the job *there* (even if they beg) because they, not you, are shit.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow… Enjoy your trip to London!

  3. In and out of Special Measures, eh? (Which I still think sounds like the school in question gets noisily seized in the middle of assembly by black ops troops, and government MiBs with briefcases and .45s. Am I even far wrong?)
    Well, it sounds like a school that makes a habit of making very poor decisions indeed. I suspect that this will be another in a very long list.

    I hope:
    * That the next school isn’t such a waste of time.
    * That you have a happy birthday and a fine weekend.
    * That your insides calm down, and you feel well enough to enjoy London.

    #gentle hugs#

  4. hey mish, sorry to hear about the job, you can do better, they are twunts hehe 🙂

    Happy Birthday aswell, have fun in london 🙂

  5. Darling, if they’re the school I think you’re talking about – I’ve been warned away from there more times than I’ve had hot food while doing the PGCE and they’ve been in and out of special measures so often that you’d think it was a dunking contest with Ofsted pulling the lever.

    Ell hit the nail on the head. They, not you, are shit. *hugs* Go have a fab weekend in London, put them behind you and look forward to the next challenge.

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