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After all that paranoia about relationship type stuff and romance type stuff I have to admit I am a huge geek and my boyfriends know this. A summary of the weekend goes like this: The British Museum, The Torch, Avenue Q and PATRICK STEWART AT A STAR TREK CONVENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I claim this to be the most romantic event of my life so far topping (in no particular order) being kidnapped by a ‘highwayman’ with real flintlock pistols, being ogled by Frenchmen in a classy Japanese restaurant (so what we spent the entire evening talking about his ex it was romantic dammit!) and being made a fine Japanese meal from scratch. It doesn’t top sharing a language and world but thats not really an event as much as a series of circumstances. I was taken to a Star Trek convention and saw Patrick Stewart (without knowing anything about this until fifteen minutes before I saw the man!). Thanks to my squee list consisting of girls I was called a huge geek by The Princess and Princess Lex before I finally remembered to call Last NS who squeed with me.

Ok. So let me start at the beginning. On Friday I was seriously considering not going to London for what I thought was going to be a simple shopping trip. Then I got fired, my thought processes largely went; ‘Do I want to spend the weekend in bed staring at these four walls and wondering how bad a teacher I really am or do I want to spend the weekend in a bed with room-service and a TV?’ (My Gentleman Friend’s presence eased either situation wonderfully but he was also down with some dread leurgy so I was thinking for him too! Sort of.)

We dozed the way to London (thank gods for reserved seating) and played battleships a bit but I found it too intellectual for my state of mind. Then we went to the hotel in Bloomsbury which was the one we stayed in last time we were in London together unexpectedly. (May 2005) I had a bath! Then we slept lots.

Saturday was spent wandering Seven Dials and Bloomsbury and prolly other London districts that I have no idea what the name is. I find it quite difficult to let people do things for me I find, I definately found it difficult to deal with the concept that my Gentleman Friend was taking me on a shopping trip and he was paying. In the first shop at least. I did rather get into the swing of things later on though! We went in a shoe shop. Those shoes are going up on the New Shoes folder tomorrow. They are really nice shoes, and they’re doing the weird sexy thing again. I also bought some red sort of wellies, only they have leather spats, um…they’re cool. Not sexy-bizarre-shoe-fetish cool but I like them in an ordinary shoe way!

We went in this incredible sex shop as well, called Coco de Mer, it’s like a proper Victorian boutique and really really sexy inside, like some of the EGL shops in Harajuku. It was utterly amazing but I mostly bought sex books, mainly about women, I haven’t been with a woman in an age. More to the point there are no women really interested in me. Anyway that aside, much of this trip I spent buying books about sex, when I found one in the British Museum though that felt a bit odd. But yeah, it was mostly books because when I found a really gorgeous corset the price tag was a little short of a grand! I can’t ever imagine spending that much on clothing, even for something as erotic as that corset. We went around a lot of very cool bookshops and a tarot shop and an astrology shop where I got my chart done for the first time.

Later on, My Gentleman Friend told me that he’d booked somewhere for lunch and took me to the BM where there was a table for four waiting. Then he vanished. THE TORCH appeared! (Sadly Cuddles couldn’t make it) It was so wonderful to see her and we really caught up and drunk much chardonnay and ate really cool looking desserts. (GREEN TEA flavoured sorbet! Finally, admittedly it wasn’t Green Tea ice-cream, but at a pinch it did!)

That afternoon we peered at the Reading Room ( a side thought here, the Reading Room would be excellent to have sex in) and then went around some very cool esoteric and magical bookshops. I really miss Daemonbooks. In the evening I wore my New Boots to go and see Avenue Q. I know I’m come late to rhapsodise about how great that show is but WOW! When the theme tune was quite so Sesame Street I just knew I was going to love it. It was wonderful to go with My Gentleman Friend who wasn’t as familiar with Sesame Street as me and who found it just as funny. Trekkie Monster was so cool! And it was all just so funny! Though possibly hitting a little close to home given Friday’s events. We went home past the astrology shop where the clock seemed to read Sex past Dreams….well, I liked it.

Sunday was the day of The Surprise. I thought we were going round esoteric shops, My Gentleman Friend took me on a tube to a hotel and there was the Star Trek convention and PATRICK STEWART! We sat kind of near the back but I got photos! (They’ll be up tomorrow) Also I bumped into Shawaddiwaddi which was really great and I got to introduce her to My Gentleman Friend. We had dinner in Pizza Hut.

Today we went back to the BM (where I could wander forever!) and saw the Aztec exhibit and the Egyptian rooms. I pretended to be an academic and researched Egyptian Gods in the Reading Room (and got really turned on… hmmm I knew I had a thing for smart men do I have some sort of fetish for academia? Coz thats really weird) Anyway I had fun pretending. Actually, this being me I also got to show My Gentleman Friend where I had had sex in the British Museum, if we go round the other museums sometime I’ll show him the other ones too.

I’ve had the most amazing weekend. My Gentleman Friend is wonderful.

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