Going To The Pub

I don’t get to the Bobbin a whole lot for various reasons. I really do tend to enjoy it when I do get down there because I like people. I mean apart from those days when I really don’t I do actually enjoy finding out about people. Friends especially but people in general also. The guy who kept staring at me after I showed the SeaOtter my bra (which he reckons ought to say ‘Hello Titty’ rather than ‘Hello Kitty’ – I considered making a Swallows and Amazons joke but thought it would be lost) amused the hell out of me.

Captain Carrot is one of those guys I don’t know as much as I ought to, or I feel like I don’t. He’s an interesting bloke, I find his notions about moral issues interesting, I totally couldn’t live my life like that but theres a strict code there and it’s fascinating. I don’t know, Cornish Bloke suggested that the people I really like live according to some sort of strict code…I’m not sure. I don’t know anymore if I can really claim myself to live according to any sort of rules, I know I used to. It seems though that most of my friends are up for some form of ‘open’/’poly’ relationships though, it’s only circumstance that determines the how of things.

Archangel is another person I like poking into the life of. I find the way we interact with each other absolutely bizarre but utterly interesting. We spent last night agreeing that it was terribly important I not go to jail for murder and that if I did I’d give Archie my life rights so he could make a film. At which point Spike got huge numbers of brownie points (though potentially not with Miss UD) for saying that Natalie Portman was too vulnerable to play me in a movie of my life, she would obviously play Miss UD. We agreed that Jack Davenport would play Archie and Sean Pertwee, Spike and I would be played by Carrie-Anne Moss! (I reckon it was the leather trousers I was wearing that gave him that one! Still – cool!)
The point about Archangel is, ultimately, a simple one, he is a good bloke, a complete idiot at times with no ounce of social grace whatsoever, but a damn good bloke. Definately got a sense of honour on him, not likely to equate with Rudolf Rassendyll anytime soon but still there. Oh and we have new touching rules! Before (ages and ages ago) the touching rules were ‘Archangel does not touch Mish.’, now we have ‘Mish does not touch Archangel unless he specifies how.’ I like this. It suits my sense of…um…karma? Perversity? I don’t know exactly.

I also got to wave at Kikiman and I saw Bill who gives fantastic backrubs and hugs! In fact I think thats how I met Bill. I got to kiss Weasel which was pretty good fun, in the course of that I got to show my Ex-Warder that his opinions do matter to me, somewhat at least. Oh the whole night was great.

5 thoughts on “Going To The Pub

  1. ERm..that’s not what I suggested. I suggested you and someone else worked because you came from similar points, albeit your expressions differed

  2. I didn’t hugely mind… it just took a little while to get my head around the fact that people might see me as vulnerable when at times I can have a ‘hard as nails’ persona – especially out in public. I go to pieces in private (ie hunched-under-my-desk-ignoring-the-world-private – as Gribblefaust, he knows I speak truth) but I rarely if ever let that side of me show in front of people.

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