Happy 2007

It’s bound to be a good year with that sort of a party to start it off! Now I admit that I was rather expecting a nice game of Talisman with people in posh frocks (Archie wore a cummerbund!) – incidentally I have a real urge to play Talisman so I might do some sort of quiet board-gaming thing for my 25th. That looks like it’s going to be a bit quieter than I initially wanted as my sister and her friends can’t come since I’m having to have it on Friday 12th and that means that most people who don’t reside in Lancaster aren’t going to be able to make it. So I’m thinking, leftover booze from this one (and if people ask me before I get totally plastered I’ll make them nice coctails!) and some food and some card games and board games.

I learned how to play Texas Hold Em last night which was pretty good fun and I was doing reasonably well at it until I got totally floored by an unexpected orgasm. Yeah, I guess the party was a little more debauched than I was expecting! But oh it was so much fun and it was really nice to see so many, many people. I got so much more drunk than I expected and rather worried people by laying down and toasting to the moon at midnight…this was in the middle of the road but they didn’t actually need to be worried as I was having a fine time. A fine time in my head which is being freakishly on the ball lately…turns out I was right about something I thought I was wrong about.

Then Wrong Mike and me listened to the revellers inside and nattered a bit. I think I may have kissed Spike rather a lot later on and I really must resolve to not use and abuse Archangel so much. FoxyJonno and I had a really good natter under a lamp post at one point. Weasel amused me a great deal with the gay kissing which the Bass Player always seemed to see whereas the apparently lesbian kissing that was going on (it was?????!!!!!) which he did want to see managed to be missed completely.

My Mother-In-Law is a deeply cool person. Apparently I kissed Cuddles last night… very weird. Um-hmm well thats as much of a summary as I think I can manage right now. Eventually I’m going to sit down and blog about the nature of love and being in love, again; I’m warning you guys now.

So resolutions;

Stop abusing Archangel shamelessly when drunk.
Get back to fitness levels that let me climb mountains
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  1. Grabbing you and demanding snoggage for no good reason. Also talking about butchering your penis to random people at whim.

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