Not To Be

Today I should have been teaching year tens and year elevens. About now I should have been headed home after finishing my driving test (and maybe even passing – who knows). Thanks everyone for all those lovely, lovely (and indeed luvly) text messages.

I’m not. Today I woke up at six and headed to the bathroom where I remained, hugging the loo for quite sometime. My Gentleman Friend very kindly rang the school and people for me. We are currently debating whether the romantic trip to London for my birthday weekend is indeed going to go ahead. I’m no longer throwing up which is nice, on the other hand romance and the prospective thereof often has me tense before hand.
(A note here, surprise romance actually works surprisingly well, I was rhapsodising about the Confused Highwayman the other day when MoT pointed out that I was basically saying how lovely it had been to be romanced by him. A few brief thoughts and ho hum actually yes, he is the only man to send me roses on Valentines Day for three years consecutively and after the first year I didn’t actually attempt to kill him. MoT says this means I send out the wrong signals, I disagree, I find romance, relationships and all the r words nerve wracking and hard when I consider them, if someone actually manages to get me into a moment then its just an amazing moment and all is well. I suspect I’m horribly hard work to have a relationship with, poor Jellicle and Gentleman.)

So. I’m up enough to blog. We’ve decided we’re going to go and spend a weekend in a hotel in bed (not in the fun way probably since my Gentleman Friend is unwell as well) on the grounds that there we’d have room service whereas at Leg Plates we don’t. We have reserved seats on the train which is good too and no changes since it’s London. Screw my various hang-ups I get to spend a weekend shopping with one of the men I love. Thats a good thing. I might even get inspired to write something. Romance in a big city, gotta be good right?

Thanks again for every text message and email of support, you’re all luvly, luvly people and I completely love you all. (See, who said I have hang-ups?) Oooh also Princess Lex, good luck!

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  1. Fear of becoming Socratic notwithstanding, I don’t recall actually suggesting either of those things.

    I do recall being there and talking while those notions arose, though.

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