Of Libraries and Linseed Oil

Today seems to be a day of relearning old skills, so the house smells of linseed oil and I spent much of the day in the library in town.

It has been a while since I went into a library, I sometimes forget how much of a book person I am, I don’t care how good or bad the library or shop or whatever is, the sensation of being surrounded by books is utterly, utterly wonderful. It feels like… I’m not sure, the smell of books, the way they are there, I can’t explain quite how lovely it is.

I feel today like I’m going somewhere. A lot of the things I do tend to be because, well why not? I like things that way, but I like things that way because they’re easy. Sometimes, an easy life (I guess some people don’t think I have an easy life; two boyfriends and no job) needs to come to an end. Things need to start, be restarted and I’m trying something that might go completely screwy or might never finish, but I need to know how far I can go.

Old things and new things are all mixed up inside my head at the moment and a dozen secret plans are tumbling round and round.

4 thoughts on “Of Libraries and Linseed Oil

  1. Ah, linseed oil, it always reminds me of the pleasant ‘thwack’ of leather on Willow.


    That aside…there does seem to be something in the air just now.

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