Poor Mish!

I don’t deserve sympathy. I’m in tonight rather than down the pub because any sort of smokey atmosphere on top of these lungs is going to cause problems. To be frank the notion of walking up the hill in the cold is not striking me as a pleasant one either.

I feel like someone stuffed cotton wool inside my chest, then wrapped a corset round me and pulled, hard! I am really really hoping that I am just going to be able to stave everything off with my inhalers because this is beginning to feel like my lungs working themselves up for a proper asthma attack. I am not letting this happen again, a few drags and I’m seriously screwed. At school it took months of me smoking the things most days before my lungs gave out…of course that was how I really screwed up my lungs.

*bangs head against table*

When I’m thirty-seven and thus next temped to take a drag somebody direct me towards this blog post ok?

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