Secret Questing

I feel quite good about today. It was the day of the secret planning and the questing to Carlisle for me and My Gentleman Friend. I think it went rather well. I haven’t been to Carlisle since I was a kid and I had forgotten that it has pretty bits, I think it’s mostly Victorian and Georgian with Roman thrown in wherever something is peeled back. We got thrown out of the museum at 4pm while I was drooling over Pre-Raphaelites (they even have one of Siddal’s sketches!!!!!!!!) I had some serious IDEAS for artworks in the future but must nab FoxyJonno at some point for some modeling, so much easier now he and Lexie are going to be in Castle Moon now.

Right, Mish must find some form of money, so, a Tarot Readings advert in a couple of windows is a good start but better is an offer of childrens portraits I think. Maybe even get something in some of the local bookshops or something and try and sell things. Looks like the Publishers that I thought might come through haven’t. Better luck next time I suppose.

I’ve had a good day today, bought some good books, ate some good scampi, saw some great buildings and took some fairly cool photos (which will go up eventually). Now I get to enjoy living in the home of all manner of boardgames and settle down to some two-player Dunwich Horror!

Life really could be a lot worse.

3 thoughts on “Secret Questing

  1. Be sure as you advertise children’s portrait, to point out you’re a woman.

    Remember –
    all men who want anything to do with children are paedophiles,
    whereas there are of course no women paedophiles.

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