Sex On My Period

Yes, yes this entry is exactly what the title says it is. Some people will probably not want to read this.



Right, lets get on with it then.

I find that my horniness tends to change in a not quite monthly cycle, in fact I have this feeling that it may have been Harry Potter (actually I’m not sure, it may have been my Laundry Friend who was doing maths) who, in my first year, made a beautiful graph of the oscillating lines of Mish-turned-on-ness. It seemed to work almost three monthly if I remember correctly. The notable periods of raised horniness were ‘immeadiately before my period’, ‘immeadiately after my period’ and, something that I still find pretty weird, ‘on my period’.

Currently I’m on my period but I feel pretty damn hot. However, the notion of sex on my period fills me with notions of ick. Now, I’ve tried anal sex but its not something I’m into on a regular basis, I suspect it’s not something I’m ever going to get into on a regular basis so thats not a viable alternative. Therefore masturbation really, really is. This means that I’m going through a huge ammount of triple A batteries (as my favourite vibrator takes triple As). Which does bring me on to something I realised this morning a short while after I came.

I find it odd that I find sex on my period icky. I mean yeah theres blood and goo and general ick but, you know there are condoms and I’ve found that most of my lovers have been less icked out by my period than I have been. (In fact there have been lovers who have been really turned on by the blood and all the rest of it.) It seems like people regard me as being a reasonably experienced woman when it comes to sex but here I am, this reasonably experienced woman who does not (as a rule of thumb) like sex on her period.

So, I’m rereading The Prisoner of Zenda at the moment. This is the book which (along with Biggles of the Camel Squadron) provided me with my first masturbatory fantasies…yeah ok I’ll let you stop laughing now. My Gentleman Friend had some choice remarks about that but we shall move on. It suddenly occured to me, laying back in post-orgasmic glow, that when I was first figuring out how to masturbate to orgasm I did not have a vibrator, I did not have a handy piercing. All I had were my fingers. Sure I managed to come but it took some work, having something of an obsession with watching men masturbate (sorry but that is really hot) I’ve noticed that they find it easier (in general) than I do to masturbate to orgasm. Now orginally when I got hot and was on my period, because of the pain and the general ‘bleurgh’ feeling of being on, I could not come if I masturbated. In fact before I had my piercing even using a vibrator I could not come whilst I was on.

So I wonder how much I automatically think of sex on my period as pointless because I’m not going to get off and I’m generally in too much pain to appreciate the other person/people getting off. Because really, the ick factor is something that is pretty get-overable (I told you I’d tried anal right?), and there isn’t a better pain killer for period-pain than a damn good orgasm.

Ok, I’m done now. If you read that and you didn’t want to you have only yourself to blame!

6 thoughts on “Sex On My Period

  1. HAHA you know what’s funny? I find the idea of masturbating while on a period an ickier than the idea of sex on a period. Guys are welcome to get themselves messy, but I’d wrinkle my nose up at the thought of sticking my own fingers in such a mess without latex gloves.

    On a side note….miss ya!

  2. I should be grossed out – perhaps it’s the post-ressurection upgrades – but I’m oddly turned on. Damn you woman. I have to go to work in an hour!

    Also, I can read you again. north Tyneside libraries no longer consider your site a sin!

  3. Yeay! BlueJay is back! Hello oddly turned on man. Incidentally, north Tyneside libraries had problems with my walking up Fuji but not with my full and frank discussion of masturbation whilst on my period????!

    Skimble…you masturbate now???! 😉
    See I suspect that this is down to the different ways in which women can masturbate. When I am on my period fingers, toys, nothing is going inside; it’s all pretty much clitoral action. Hence – no mess!

    Miss you too! So glad I have Fred’s calendar in my room!

  4. Do I masturbate now…no. Sorry to get your hopes up. Hence the "I’d (= I would) wrinkle my nose up at the thought of sticking my…"

    That’s subjunctive ne? Or did I just embarrass myself with in grammar?

    This def goes in the top 10 reasons I could never be a gynecologist.

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