So, this year started then

Perception is one of those curious things, ask a few totally different people what happened at New Year and you get such completely different ideas. I absented myself from the majority of the party at New Year because that was what I had planned to do. I liked that those people who came out to see if I was ok did so but they didn’t need to. Yes I was emotional at New Year but on the whole it was a good party in my opinon. I am fine, yes I have things to think about and various stresses but I am really sorry if I worried people. There is no need to worry about Mishes.

On the other hand I think I really need to work on my people skills. I have always known that I am pretty crappy in a crisis, I mean an emotional one, give me broken bones and grazes and I’ve got a first aid kit in the kitchen. When it comes to actual emotional stuff then I have three responses and lets face it they’re linked. My initial response; hug until inappropriate at which point consider if offering sex is appropriate or going to distract from the problem in hand, if not make food. Actual words…nah not so much. You have to wonder if I ever got a complete handle on my actual emotions whether I’d manage to work better with other peoples.

Thats not strictly true, I know how I feel, some brief confusions over those trickier ones like love over Yule but I wish to hell I was better with other people. Working out appropriate ways to deal with those emotions are another issue all together. See this is why I used to state in the past that I prefered sex over relationships and love and all that stuff; much much simpler to enjoy chemistry with no strings attached. I suppose learning to deal with strings means I’m growing up.

2 thoughts on “So, this year started then

  1. Growing up is a bit of a mixed bag, I reckon, but it just sort of happens.

    On the other hand, someone gave me a dalek for Yuletide so I am enjoying being a kid again right now… ;o)

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