Such A Strange Day

Today, well this afternoon was hugely productive. It was also a very bizarre day. I felt like I had made some sort of peace inside me between things that I didn’t know were at war.

I also truly restarted something that I had put aside since my period of melancholy. I don’t often talk about when I was depressed, I find it very difficult to do, partially this is because of my belief that the melancholy is waiting somewhere around the next corner for me if I let my guard down. Since I seem to be justified in this I’m not going to stop.

Paralells and coincidences seem to traipse across my life and I often speculate that life is one giant spiral of influencing energies and thoughts. I wrote something that was so utterly raw I can’t believe it came out so whole (and ended up not being able to put it on LJ). After I’d written it I felt like I really understood something about myself and had finally made some sort of movement forward.

Needless to say that this is when Blue Eyes turned up on MSN. It strikes me as being typical of the day.

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