Better Now?

I had such a great lesson with the Ex-Gardnerian today, I forgot how much he and I think alike in several ways but also that where we differ is fascinating and it makes for brilliant conversation. (In addition to the winning a twenty thing).

Having a conversation that ranges from art to magic to just about everything in the space of a couple of hours of art lesson is the most wonderful relaxing and happy thing. I haven’t had a great week in a lot of ways, mostly my own fault, but this evening was exactly what I needed.

Of course this afternoon’s conversation with Cuddles which involved a great deal of detail about the porn she watched was also good, but for very different reasons! The Torch had a lot to say about the lesbian loo as well, most of which I’ve tried to take on board…

Actually this afternoon was fun, me, the Jellicle Cat, my Gentleman Friend, Cuddles and the Torch having a good old natter about porn and arranged marriages was fun. The Torch and I came to the conclusion that whilst our mothers would pick according to personality (I guarantee that any guy my mother found for me would have a nice voice and the ability to tease me mercilessly…ok ok I guess I do have a type!) both of our fathers would pick guys with money and intellect so that they would be able to talk to their sons in law (as well as setting their daughters up with men who could keep them as housewives).

3 thoughts on “Better Now?

  1. Accidental porn! I didn’t *pick* it… okay so I watched it after I accidentally downloaded it but I didn’t enjoy it.

    Which was rather sad for me.

  2. It was rather the level of detail with which you described it.

    I swear hearing you say ‘the look on the dwarf’s face as it grew’, ‘then a device came out of the robots mouth’ and (my all time favourite) ‘flying cocks came out of it’s pores as it pulsated’ is emblazoned on my memory forever.

  3. It was a painful experience… I had to share. Like a car crash it held fascination… I should stop digging down shouldn’t I?

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