Dental Moaning Again (Sorry!)

The whole left side of my face is in agony.

The gums on the outside of my teeth are swollen and red and I’m perpetually sucking mouth ulcer pastilles in some vague attempt to make them feel better (this is in addition to the Ibruprofen). The cavity where the tooth was seems fine, the gum on the inside of my mouth has gone white and hard and the teeth either side of it are vibrating in agony. This is after I’ve taken the painkillers for today, and the antibiotics. I can only assume that this means that the pain is getting worse. They reckon it takes about 1 or 2 days for antibiotics to work, well I started mine on Wednesday evening so that means I’ve had almost 48 hours on them… I’m not sure what to do if I don’t see any sort of improvement after that. Find a dentist who’s close at hand I guess, or ring the one down in whichever part of London it is this one lives.

I find it most curious that I had no toothache before he found the decay in the tooth and almost none before he removed the tooth, now though, that the bad tooth is removed I get the works. I know it hurts and everything but the worst thing I’m finding is the bad breath, I mean its really noxious, its like I haven’t cleaned my teeth – ever! With that in addition to the fact that my jaws ache I can’t kiss my boyfriends and that is really horrible. It also makes me very aware of what an integral part of sex kissing is for me.

Gah! Work antibiotics! Work damn you!

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