Lace and Steel

So my big idea kind of worked… kind of. I didn’t time the game particularly well and it turned out that not all my players were acting with all the information to hand…oops. I wasn’t really expecting to have six players to be honest but then I was expecting a more Valentinesy feel from the games on offer today. Still there were some good bits, plus I got to remember why I usually do combat with die rolls as opposed to the duelling system.

Oh well, I know what I need to work on as a GM, timing and how players are actually likely to react. I don’t know that I’m great at running one shots to be honest, I like taking my time over things. I need to run more.

2 thoughts on “Lace and Steel

  1. Has to be said, player reactions are the bits that always, always confuse me on this stuff.

    But that’s a separate rant.

  2. Thanks to you flower, and to my fellow players, for a really great game. I very much enjoy Lace & Steel, but rarely get to run or play.

    Timing is always an issue, and I feel that I am just as much to blame for the prior commitment I had at half-seven. To be honest it would have been a lot smoother if the society exec member in charge had started *at* 2 o’clock, as advertised, rather than sitting on his arse for half-an-hour and making weak excuses about some farcical ‘LURPS’ time!

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