Today was good, I applied for a job which I’d really like (not teaching unfortunately) and spent the morning shuffling my CV and references around to make it look like I might be a good candidate for the position…

I am coming rapidly to the conclusion that all men are boys and some men never learn tact. I would hate to reveal my Gentleman Friend’s age on line so we shall suffice it to say that he is a little older than I. Yet, he still hasn’t learnt that it might be considered a tad unwise to refer to his girlfriend as ‘Jabba the Hut’. I mean that has to be in any sane man’s manual of ‘bad conversational gambits to use with girlfriend’ right? I will of course point out before he does that this was neither a comment on my looks or weight but rather, apparently on my independance of spirit…… My response to this is the same as it was this morning. It was still Jabba the fucking Hut. Perhaps I should start taking notes from Princess Lex or Rabbit Girl on how to train men… I mean I’m obviously failing at the very basics of girlfriendhood here.

Had lunch with the Torch today which was nice… even if we ended lunch at about quarter to five! Very decadent. They had me choose a nice chardonnay to go with their fish though I couldn’t actually drink any of it myself because I’m back on the painkillers after most of the weekend on alcohol. I like that I can do that, choose wine I mean, it makes me feel good that a great deal of my friends (those who’ve known me for a while) will ask me to choose wine with a meal. It makes me feel even better when in restaurant situations the waiters have been paying attention and pour out the trial bit for me to sniff and taste. I know it’s silly but just recently I’ve been rather looking for things that I can do. I know wine, I can do that.

I’ve decided to up the amount I write, currently I try to write something everyday and work on my more serious stuff two days of the week (not by any means all day). I want to try and work more seriously everyday so I’m setting myself a goal of an hour a day on serious writing. I’m going to try and keep that up even when I get a job… see I said ‘when’ though I’m gradually beginning to feel that it’s actually ‘if’.

I am feeling very floaty and it’s largely because I don’t have a job. I really thought I would by now. I know I’m not doing everything right on the jobs front because I haven’t actually brought myself to go along to MacDonalds and ask for an application form. I know that it’s kind of difficult to get a job around here… but I honestly thought that the Japan thing and the teaching and everything would work in my favour.

Currently I teach art once a week in order to win a bet in October and I clean a friend’s house on Thursdays. Incidentally if anyone does want to employ me for interior decoration or cleaning or muralisation then I have no job and charge what the work is worth. As a tutor of tarot or art though I’m more likely to ask for about a tenner an hour.

6 thoughts on “Luncheon

  1. Sweetness, I’ve been unemployed for several months twice in the past couple of years. It’s crap, it’s demoralising, but it doesn’t last forever. Just wait it out and don’t give up; only after weeks or months of concerted effort going absolutely nowhere will a job happen; and after this long waiting you deserve a peach of a position for your perseverence.

  2. I think I’ve vaguely disturbed by the fact he considers a large tyrant who relies on paying others and striking fear into people (creatures?) to get what he wants, independence.

    A wise man knows when to keep a thought to himself. But a wise woman knows that even the wisest of men say stupid things.

  3. In a choice of three…

    The shiny, naive, mass-murdering, politically-obsessed Rebel Alliance,

    The villainous, comic-opera, mass-murdering, politically-obsessed Empire,


    The hedonistic, sensualist, crime lord Jabba The Hut,

    Which one would you go for?

    Bearing in mind that they all use fear to get what they want!

    [They all use money as well, but then, so does everyone, so I’m not too worried about that… ;o) ]

  4. Good point for the Rebel Alliance: They seem to have all the good looking men and women. (Devious but attractive)

    Good point for the Empire: Do you know what a storm trooper has in common with Lord Vader? Neither one has to worry about what to wear when they wake up in the morning. (Dangerous, but well dressed)

    Good point about Jabba the Hut: ….uhhh….ummm….ok I give up. (Can’t answer a question that has no answer)

    I suggest groveling. Chocolate and lots of groveling.

  5. *smiles*

    Looks like this one is going to run and run.

    Do you think it’s because the basic Star Wars mythos is such a deeply ingrained morality play for anyone who was first exposed to it as a child? (ie: Rebel Alliance: good, Empire: bad, Criminal Underworld: dirty, Jedi: saintly, Vader: evil)

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