Moan First Then Some Thoughts

My mouth tastes like something died in there, no actually, like something is dying in there. I haven’t been able to kiss anyone properly since Sunday. I like kissing. I haven’t been able to hug my boyfriends properly since last week due to sawness in my jaw. This is not fun. Also I know what my breath smells like so having anyone in close proximity is making me paranoid.

Still, am on antibiotics now so things have to get better soon.

Also, it’s snowing so what’s not to like?

A lot of people have asked me about sex in that there meme that Mother-In-Law propagated so successfully. I’m surprised by some people’s first memories of me (notably Manly Vikings). Mainly it was Rabbit Girl who got me to thinking about sex though. I’m often defending the fact that I like sex as sex as well as all the kinks you guys seem to think I love so much. (Well ok I like trying new things and some of the kinkier aspects of sex make me smile…and orgasm…often at the same time).

Anyway, then I got to thinking what is it that I consider to be good sex? I mean if I were to narrow down to some sort of top ten sexual experiences then we have a really random selection, the first time I had sex (a woman in a tent for anyone who’s curious), in a wood, whilst listening to Phantom by the light of a gasfire, near the LURPS tree, the weekend after my month of celibacy, on a bed after being left discretely alone, in an onsen, on a hotel floor with a wooden dildo involved, another hotel with ice cubes, on a sofa.

There we have some pretty damn different experiences, only four of which conform to traditional male penetrates female definitions of sex. Three of them are fairly straightforward lesbian sex. The three left intrigue me somewhat, one involved the use of a dildo so was close to what tends to be defined as sex, there was definate penetration involved. The other two…well one was with a man I was in love with and one wasn’t but they both felt like sex.

What do I really like about sex? I really enjoy seeing people orgasm, I mean I really do, especially girls. But that doesn’t hold up for all of my ten. Obviously I enjoy orgasm as well, but if I just wanted to cum then I have some very nice vibrators at home thanks. I’ve stated before that I like to play, I like the playfulness of sex… but you can have just as much playfulness in cuddling and what can essentially be counted as foreplay… in fact some of these situations I’ve described would be counted as foreplay.

Theres a frission I think, a moment where sex is sex. I’m not sure sex just happens physically, lust is definately proving more complex than I’ve previously thought. I find though, that the more I am interested in sex the less I understand why it is referenced so much in popular culture. I mean, to me it seems more like one of my obscure interests rather than a general thing.

I’m not even sure I know what I mean by that.

Time for some more painkillers.

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  1. Yeah I liked it. You thought I was deep! Cool! I didn’t know you’d come across me when I was tripping in Daemonbooks is all.

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