Oh Fuck This!

Come on how long does an infection take to clear up? This one is just getting worse. My whole jaw is throbbing. My temperature is well up and I think my gums are actually more swollen than yesterday, plus my breath has gone back to being very bad as opposed to bearable.

It’s five am and I can’t get to sleep. NHS Direct are very cheerful at you this time in the morning.

My jaw just keeps throbbing. I’ve taken Ibruprofen and it doesn’t seem to be working. I can’t take more paracetamol for another couple of hours, I’m sucking on cloves and rinstead pastilles like nobodies business. I wish this pain would just fuck off.

One thought on “Oh Fuck This!

  1. No doubt Mish will post a proper update next time she is near a net connection, but I thought some of you might like to know that she’s seen the dentist and checked out ok. Things will still take a while to sort themselves, but there has been an interim hit of painkilling potion, and she’s now on stronger antibiotics.

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