Oral Fun!

No don’t read this, it’s about my mouth again, no not in a good way. I mean I know I’m finding my ill health a source of fascination at the moment but really, its pretty gross so go away unless you have a strong stomache.

So yeay! This morning I’m spitting blood again! (Not much) This time it gets to be mixed in with a whole load of pus! I won’t tell you what that tastes like. Ugh. It seems like the inside of my gum has fallen in on the hole left by the tooth which means that the hard (and now red and swollen) bit is sitting directly above the formerly not hurty hole and its now hurting. On the other hand the swollen bits on the outside of my gums seem to have shrunk a little into three rather large areas of mouth ulcer – FUN! These seem to correspond to the three areas he injected me in so that makes a certain degree of sense. I may be fantasising but after I rinsed this morning, gotta love that yummy salt water, maybe my breath smelt a little better than yesterday…

On the subject of yesterday I realised what a pissing annoyance my mouth is, due to circumstances my Mage game was cancelled (poo! I wanna be Miss Dickens again!) and because I’d taken my antibiotic about an hour or so before when the Jellicle Cat was headed out to meet Princess Lex and FoxyJonno I decided to go with him. I mean I hadn’t been out of the house since Wednesday so I wrapped up warm and headed out. It comes to something when you can’t hug your friends properly because of a bloody jaw. I felt distinctly ‘porcelain’ with Foxy’s hug which is not a feeling I relish and Princess Lex managed to squeeze me a bit too hard. I figure this makes us even for the goose-grease-on-corset-top incident. Unfortunately heading to the Bobbin afterwards was a bit too much for me and so the Jellicle and I headed home to GITSSAC and painkillers.

Of course if I do start going out in the next week or so (please dear gods let it heal in the next week or so) I really must remember to invest in an orange hoodie…

*edit: Thank fuck for cloves, they don’t actually take the bad breath away but they make my mouth taste slightly better and hide some of the EVIL smell!

6 thoughts on “Oral Fun!

  1. Mrrm, mrp mmph mrr-

    er, I mean:

    Well, it was very good of you to come out to the station, so thank you.
    I look forward to being able to give you a proper hug later on this week, when Bad Things have stopped happening to your mouth.

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