The Further Dental Adventure’s Of Mish

Those of a sensitive disposition look away now!

So I set off for London only barely aware of what I was doing, max paracetamol and max ibruprofen for seven days will do that, combined with constant sucking of Rinstead Pastilles and cloves. Marajuana Kiss turned out to be going to Vietnam by the same train so we played with jumping frogs and had a really good natter all the way down to Euston, we were supposed to be going through to Tottenham Court Road together but her Oyster Card needed refilling so we ended up on the wrong side of the barriers from each other bidding adieu over the bustleing crowds of the Underground.

By the time I actually got to the dentists the swelling had subsided somewhat and I was no longer bleeding but I did discover why it’s been feeling so bad for the past week. You see when the gum fell in on the hole left by the extraction it tore itself along the jaw bone, which I can now see, lovely and white in my mouth. It’s really weird looking at bone, I can see where the tooth would have fitted in and everything!

Anyway I’ve been pumped full of weird gunk and stronger antibiotics and am almost feeling human – I still have stinking breath though. :(.

In other news I had a really good night last night with a huge Glaswegian and a tiny Northerner and my Gentleman Friend. I cooked and almost timed it right despite having just got off a train from London. One day I shall have it all down pat. I also ate some solid food for the first time yesterday since last Monday! I’m still ouchie but all is well. It hits me sometimes that I’m apparently an adult. Last night (again) my age was expressed surprise over… after all the bizarreness in Japan I really can’t be arsed getting weirded out or freaky because of my age. I don’t care if people think I’m older than I am, I still get ID’d from time to time, but honestly it doesn’t bother me because its been happening my whole life. I did enjoy being told I came across as sensible over the net…ok, actually that one made me giggle inwardly but it was fun!

It was strange the way that the Glaswegian reminded me of Blue Eyes, not in an ‘oh my god I want to jump you kind of way’ (though he was really sweet!) but in the way we related. I haven’t had that sort of ease of laughter and knowledge of wavelength in that way since being in the same classroom as Blue Eyes when we were both on form. I was relieved that I also got on with the Blue-Eyed Wolf because she and I have exchanged emails in the past over a mailing list we’re both on and she comes across as hugely knowledgeable. It was funny, however, telling them both that in Lancaster I’m almost used to the bisexual polyamorous people being in the majority… though I admit that last night I was surprised by it.

I don’t know, I didn’t feel much younger than everybody last night but because the Glaswegian mentioned it (I’d made some dig at my Gentleman Friend) I did become aware of it… I don’t think my conversation is normally made up of so many references to school or sixth form or maybe it is and I never noticed before. Age is such a strange thing, I mean when it comes right down to it it’s just about XP… and I have a bit of that. Maybe thats why it doesn’t bother me as much as some people. I don’t know.

9 thoughts on “The Further Dental Adventure’s Of Mish

  1. I’m glad to hear that things are looking better! I’ll keep sending positive thoughts your way to make you get well very soon

  2. "Age is such a strange thing, I mean when it comes right down to it it’s just about XP…"

    Nah, seriously, the XP bonuses from age really aren’t worth it. Mostly you have to go out questing if you want to get anything done, and depending on the system then by the time you’ve reached a decent level your stats will start decaying.

    There’s a profound message in there, if I could only interpret the geeking out.

  3. "Sweet"? I don’t often get described like that. ;o)

    (Now, "huge"…)

    Yep, I was surprised at just how esy it was to relate to you, right off. It is unusual for me to be that comfortable with anyone, let alone someone I have only just met. I am glad you enjoyed it, I had a great time.

  4. Glad you’re doing better! Here’s a Valentine’s Day laugh for you. My 1st years asked about a boyfriend (of course) and were shocked when I told them "NO BOYS!" followed by a thumbs down and booing. I said I was going to spend a very wonderful Valentine’s Day evening ALONE, thank you very much, and that was going to make me happier than running around trying to make some guy happy. I think I may have given them a bit too much of a culture shock….

    I then proceeded to fall asleep at 5pm and wake up at 6am the next morning. Guess my nap was a bit long….opps!

    So there’s a fun laugh for ya. Miss ya lots!

  5. Skimble, I miss you too babe! Give them ichinensei culture shocks! (You’ve only got a few more months left to do it, you know.) Good for you vis Valentines.

    Hey DC, yeah, you’re sweet, hopefully see you again soon.

  6. My Gentleman Friend and I have plans to come to Glasgow for Pagan type things. I’m sure we’ll meet up there Rhionnach.

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