White Day

I think it was the Jellicle Cat who suggested that I post something on White Day after my introduction to Norfolk customs yesterday. White Day is a Japanese affair which I’m fairly sure I’ve talked about before on my blog. Basically the idea is that girls only send things on Valentines Day, usually cookies and cards. Then on White Day which is the 15th March boys send something back to the girl they like. A whole month of waiting! I think that this explains why my English Cupid idea went down so well with the lads on Valentines Day the other year – they got to send something a little more immeadiately!

I guess you could see White Day as being sexist but I kind of like it, it is the ultimate in Hallmark Holidays in some respects since it was originally the Japanese version of Valentines but when Japan absorbed American culture Valentines became more popular and the card companies decided why have one holiday when they could make money out of two!

It can be much more agonising than Valentines if you take it seriously, but then I’ve noticed that Valentines is pretty agonising for those that take it seriously or who pay attention to the social pressure to be attached. White Day can be a hell of a lot of fun, especially for some of the boys who like cooking (I remember one lad who came up to me for English Cookie recipes because his beloved liked English class best!) as it’s traditional to send biscuits on the day as well as a card.

In other news I finally played on a wii and beat Wrong Mike at tennis! He beat me at the shooting game though. I quite like this wii thing… I need to find someone who has Zelda I think…

5 thoughts on “White Day

  1. So my birthday is both the day of the world’s most famous assassination (no, the other one) and an alternative Valentines! Cool.

    Though it does mean the boys get to see if the girl gets them something before they have to fork out… which seems unfair.

  2. Zelda Twilight Princess rules…I totally spent all of New Years day watching my friend play it at home. AWESOME game if a bit whacked at times. Whacked in a good way I guess…

  3. Also….(cough) White Day is on March 14th (cough).

    I like to call February the month of agony because women seem to antagonize over whether the guy will give them "heartfelt" gifts in return or just something out of obligation.

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