A Note To Questers

As the Cunning Man and the Viking scout out our path one of the knights has sugested to me that we meet in Carnforth some weeks hence (14th April) for tea and to discuss how we are continuing our search for the Grail.

So, we shall mix fire and water and tell our tales at 2pm in the Refreshment Room at Carnforth Station. The Cunning Man and the Viking shall at least send word of how they fare in their scouting. Those of you who have sought out giants I pray you also tell us of them. Any who have knowledge of the lands we head towards in the far north, pray tell us how it goes there.

Fare you well on my quest, let us beat out our path and find the grail.

18 thoughts on “A Note To Questers

  1. "Scouting? Pah." The words come back on the wind. "You’ll not want to come by my roads. They’re a little too crooked and full of thorns and thickets for more’n a few to pass through."

    "Hold the raven’s feather to your lips and blow, when you find it. I’ll be there with news of distant places before you take another"

  2. The Viking sends me word of rising suns and young men with blazing swords. Also of swallows, since the swallow’s fly north this time of year I take it as confirmation of our direction.

  3. What is it with young men and swords. Hormonially driven to prove and slay and oppose and steal the pretties of others.

    Its almost enough to heat the blood some days.

  4. Dragon, I have my sight set on things of higher worth than trinkets.

    I believe, and I conceed that I may be mistaken, that it is an actual place where something will come to us, be that in dreams or through discussions or just the place itself.

    I do get the strong feeling that it is in the Lakes. I just don’t know of any places there where the sun rises from between two peaks, or mounds. One thing that does come to mind is that the view was from relatively high and as I turned to follow the direction indicated it pointed along mountainous/hilly slope to a point where another intersects, there was a gap where they met, which is where the sun rose from. It was some distance from the point where it was seen, although not so far that you couldn’t make camp there at nightfall.

  5. I’ve drawn up a small map based on the vision, it’s quite persistent and where others will change the more you review it, this one stays the same. Another reason I’m becoming more certain of it’s validity.

  6. When we have determined where it is then I and as many of us who can make it will camp there to discover the next part of our path.
    We are looking for:

    To the east a range of hills or mountains, to the south a fairly straight run of hill/mountain, in the west is the vantage point, to the north is a plain leading to a fairly large hill beyond which is a body of water. The directions just don’t add up for me though. The sun doesn’t seem to rise in the east. The distance between the vantage point and the spot indicated is further than I’ve managed to project on a map.

  7. I’d be interested to see any map that gets made. I have a thing for maps and pathways.

    I’ll also explain the reasoning for tea in Carnforth to those that want to hear it. It made as much sense to me as Iceland, and had the virtue of being closer…

  8. So as is typicial you are looking for wisdom far away ?

    Or are you looking for cofusion such that enlightment might come from it?

    You’ll have to excsue me if my cold blooded lounging has caused me to miss out hte bit where I should of worked out what all you people are running around Questing for….
    I might of been in the sun napping when it was made obvious to the self-regulating…

    What do all you hasty people want?

  9. I’ve been doodling and refining the scenery, I feel like one of the map people from First Encounters of the Third Kind.

    I’ll bring printouts and sketchs up on the 16th, but I can’t make the 14th as much as I would like to.

  10. Dragon, I’m looking for the Grail. I want to live forever. The rest of us… agreed to come and help me look or at least travel with me.

  11. Viking, any chance of you posting print-outs and sketches to me in time for the 14th so the rest of the Questers might look at them in Carnforth?

  12. Forever…..
    Is longer than any civilisation, your sure you want to be one of/or the Last.
    Witness to the end of days?

  13. Well it really depends on how you interpret ‘lives forever’ but certainly yes I would be there at the end of days.

  14. The usual interpretations are
    – Not dieing.
    – Leaving a bloodline aka kids
    – Creating something that refuses to be ignored (like the David or Tolkiens books of doom).

    At least as far as I’m aware. Which of these (if any) warm blooded leader of the uest is your grail tied to I wonder…

    Don’t answer, just think about it. After all ,I don’t need to know.

  15. Honey, you have all the information you need to extract that answer. I know what I want when I drink from that cup.

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