And crash…

After the highs there have to be lows. Otherwise how would we know that they were highs? I’ve often prided myself on being myself and compromising nothing, sometimes I guess I find myself caught in my own hypocrisy. I think I’m trying hard and turns out I’m moving in all the wrong directions and just stressing myself out. I need to learn to be more socially aware, I need to stop hurting people either by careless actions or inactions. I find it increasingly hard to take responsibility for myself and I’m not even close to acting like an adult at twenty-five. I’m sorry to everyone who felt uncomfortable or saddened by my actions over the weekend, I could have done a lot better than I did and looking out across the blogosphere I am made more aware of it.

4 thoughts on “And crash…

  1. #Looks out over blogosphere as well. Looks puzzled.#

    Anyone know what she’s talking about? Or do we have to ready the bat of Paranoia & Self-Deprecation?

    Can’t speak for anyone else, I guess, but my weekend was more comfortable and happy thanks to your presence.

  2. I see no need to crash – but it’s hard to see when you are in the centre of things happening that you are there. People know things happen around you and they want to be there with you, because you touch people (and not just in a physical sense). There is only one Mish 🙂

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