BPAL and girlydom

I remember having girly nights when I was an undergraduate. These usually involved Cuddles or the Torch, definately the Princess (because they were usually when she was around) and whichever housemates I was living with.

They probably didn’t count as proper girly nights of the sort that Rabbit Girl and the Good Girlfriend held the other week. Mainly it was about face masks and manicures and pedicures, and a whole lot of bitching…I don’t recall ever being too fussed about ‘honorary’ girls either. In the last couple of years the girly nights have involved Skimble and nails (and American Falcon when she was about) or a group of dykes and an onsen. Anyway, I did a girly night my way, and remembered that the key difference really is about lesbianism…well actually no… a sort of attitude that I tend to associate with dykes. It’s kind of about being able to be girly and *not girly*. The ability to go off on one about make-up etc. and then somehow be, emphatically *not girly*, not really expressing this very well I guess.

In anycase, it was fantastic that we got to natter and smell lovely perfumes (I so need to actually get myself onto the BPAl forum instead of infecting other people to do it for me) and I even have another Imp! Also I got to get my hands on Princess Lex’s feet finally. Also Last NS has finally met Weasel rather than just rant over the phone at him.

We also went out and looked at the moon when it was doing it’s red thing, according to the Jellicle Cat it looked really really red through the Sea Otter’s binoculars but standing in the garden at Leg Plates we felt it looked amazing even though Last NS and I were having our heat leached outrageously by Princess Lex. Some things never change. Some things do. It’s the mix between the two that has me smiling.

6 thoughts on “BPAL and girlydom

  1. I’m sorry! I had no idea where you’d put my coat (because I’m about as observant as a mole) and my jumper was full of imps!

    And I do get your point about the girlyness of it. I was never good at being girly, even when I lived with so many girls at school. I was always be looking in on it, and guarding my instincts as if I wasn’t actually supposed to be there, being the token dyke in the group. Being so othered never really left me, but sometimes I can forget myself and be girly with people and there’s a certain liberation in it.
    School took a lot of growing-up away from me and the catching up has been long and strange.

  2. You leave me wondering whether I gate-crashed and ruined the aimed for dyke-y mood or fit right in.

    And undecided as to which one would disturb me more… 😉

  3. *grins*

    Well I did say in my blog entry its not so much actual lesbianism as an attitude I associate with lesbians.

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