I use my blog, and increasingly during times of stress, my creative writing page (LJ) to express my feelings and thoughts. Sometimes these can be farely objective rants on anything from Magic to Education to Female Genital Mutilation, sometimes these can be rambles on the nature of Love which are usually well thought out, but sometimes all my objectivity goes out of the window and I blog what I feel. I blog what I worry about, what I feel and what has got worked up inside me.

Sometimes readers will know what I’m worried about, sometimes regular and long-term readers will be able to work it out, sometimes no one external to myself will know, such is the nature of blogging. If you’re really concerned then send me a mail or comment, I’ll let you know if you need to and I’ll try not to fob you off too much if you don’t. I won’t get mad at you for showing you care. (I admit I might be a little sharp in some cases).

However, do remember, that this is my blog and it isn’t very objective when it’s dealing with me and with things that I’ve got worked up about. This simply isn’t gospel for anything outside of my head (though I don’t deal in lies by anymeans).

Enjoy the positive Mish headspace. If it isn’t positive then like all tactile creatures I welcome hugs.

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