I’ve spent forever waiting to be homesick… and now I’m homesick for somewhere I lived for two years rather than anywhere that could really be called my home?

4 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Sometimes the world, and our hearts, work in mysterious ways…thus is life good.

    I don’t think I shall ever forget the night we walked hand-in-hand past friends and families talking, eating and laughing beneath the lantern-hung sakura in the castle ruins of Iwate Park.

    That’s when I learnt why the urge to linger in Faerie is so strong in all the stories.


  2. The one place I have been most homesick for is Victoria, Canada, where I spent less than a year. So I know what you mean, but I don’t understand it…

  3. Gah! Sorry I accidentally -1’d you when tabbing across towards the comments
    section (nasty browser at the mo).

    Anyway hugs for you, could be the homesickness caused by your recent situation
    you think? More longing for a time when you had a job and so forth? Also
    perhaps the emotional investment spent working towards (and surviving during)
    your work abroad made it more touching in a way perhaps?

    No idea, see you soon.

    Le Foo.

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